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The holidays are upon us, for those of us taking a break here are some holiday reading ideas. Fifteen Years of book club books: Sydney Writer’s Festival Summer Reading List 2020: The 2020 Smart WFM Business Book Awards:   Enjoy!

People often ask me “How can this happen?” The Dover Heights Ponzi Scheme would never have got off the ground if the now victims have taken some simple steps to protect themselves, before investing. It’s easy for people to check the credentials of any adviser. You should always take advice from properly licensed financial advisers, […]

Tough to earn a buck for nothing these days. While that’s always been the case for our labour, there was always the illusion of some free cream from our money in the bank. Illusions, being illusions, this wasn’t strictly true. There was always tax and inflation nipping back any real return for doing nothing. Illusions […]

Late 2019 I decided to run a series of workshops called ‘Aspire to Thrive in 2020’. Everything was set and ready for launch on 28th March. Little did any of us know what would transpire, how the world would change, how our businesses would change and how we would change. It seems to me that […]

Every investor will face a conundrum at some point: what to do when their beliefs don’t work. Sometimes it’s an assumption that becomes lore. A favoured company paid a dividend for 20 straight years. Of course, it’s not going to ever stop paying a dividend… then it stops paying a dividend. A dagger to the […]