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I am often asked to articulate how I can help clients. In fact, it’s the question I’m answering every time I engage with a prospective or existing client.   So what is the value? It’s often difficult to fully describe what we as an industry does beyond the obvious, and perception is critical. People will […]

ESG investing. You’ve probably heard the term, but what does it actually mean? ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, it may also be termed sustainable investing. You may say it is an investment decision based on your beliefs. It is a wide term as it can cover several areas, but essentially, it’s for investors […]

Ever stopped to wonder why you’re using a particular new word or phrase? Or maybe you’re sitting in the back of some strange person’s Hyundai, they’re driving you to some strange person’s house where you’re staying the night in their guest bedroom. How did that happen? The sharing economy. Disruption. The future of work. Hustle. […]

If you’re interested in financial matters, some of the most interesting and entertaining content on the internet can be found at Dave Ramsey’s YouTube channel. From the US, Dave is a southern gentleman who once went bankrupt. From there, he turned his life around and cleaned up his financial act. He started by publishing a […]