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Salary Sacrificing a Bonus Awarded a bonus at work? Depending on circumstances, it may be worth salary sacrificing the bonus into   superannuation. This can increase retirement savings & lower taxable income. The benefit depends on the difference between the 15% tax on super contributions and your marginal tax rate. Also be aware of the    concessional […]

On 7 June 2021 the ACCC released to the media “Scammers capitalise on pandemic as Australians lose record $851 million to scams”. According to the ACCC’s latest Targeting Scams report scammers have capitalised on the pandemic and have taken advantage of unsuspecting people. The ACCC says it has seen reports of scammers impersonating reputable wealth […]

There has always been a debate about the overlap between gambling and investing. Investing has often been linked with gambling, usually unfairly by people who take a cursory glance and don’t understand the actual intermediary of investing and gambling is speculation. What’s the difference? A report written in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions in 2016 […]

“Can you tell me which stocks to buy?” Jumping in the deep end before you can swim investment questions aren’t a new thing. People have always contacted us to ask questions that only prompt more questions. Ones they haven’t considered. It’s only natural that if your job involves money, someone will inevitably ask you about […]