This year’s US Open will be Serena Williams’ farewell from the game of tennis. A recent article in Vogue by Williams explained her thinking behind the decision. She wasn’t retiring as much as evolving to something else, she explained. She wanted to have more children and being 41, a professional tennis player, and a female, means “something’s […]

When he came home, he didn’t look great. Pale. In pain. Propped up in a hospital chair. Crutches sat beside him. If he was harbouring any negative thoughts, he didn’t let on. Being in his 80’s and just having had a knee replacement, he had every right to be somewhat down. How hard was this […]

On the 24th of April 1854, the Bella was found capsized off the coast of Brazil. It had set sail from Rio De Janeiro for Jamaica four days earlier. No passengers or crew were found, and it was assumed all onboard were lost at sea. However, there was a rumour that another passing ship had rescued […]

Earlier this year the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the stats on Australia’s weekly earnings. Full-time adult average weekly ordinary time earnings amounted to $1,748.40. Times that by 52 and you get $90,918.80. It’s an interesting number because recently a group called Super Consumers Australia put out some figures suggesting a single homeowner could potentially […]

Economic Overview The major theme from Q2 was the swift upward movement of interest rates to combat inflation, along with the implications for economies, sharemarkets and bond markets. Two of the three Central Banks that may have been considered laggards up to this point, the US Federal Reserve and Australia’s Reserve Bank, appeared to be […]