15Feb 2019

Did you know….? You can upload an advance care planning document to MyHealthRecord. It sets out your future medical care preferences. It helps your family, close friends and medical professionals if you are unable to communicate due to illness or injury.

14Feb 2019

With some things in life, a good start is everything. Take the 100-meter sprint, the whole race is over in 10 seconds or less. The importance of getting out of the blocks quickly to ensure success can’t be understated. In the 100-metre sprint’s extended athletic cousin, the marathon, a bad start, while annoying, must be […]

13Feb 2019

Did you know….? Once a child reaches 14 years of age and has not taken control of their My Health Record, no new Medicare information will be available in their My Health Record.

11Feb 2019

I often speak to clients about transferring their wealth to the next generation; and beyond that whilst money is nice it’s the values, lessons, and stories that have heart and meaning and that are the things that live through generations if properly passed on. I know from experience that family members may be interested in […]

08Feb 2019

The RC has certainly had a negative impact on small businesses, like mine, and mortgage brokers. Take a moment please to understand that financial advisers like me have NO LINKS OR TIES TO THE BANKS and product manufacturers (like AMP). I work for my clients to service their needs and help them reach their financial […]