Genene attended her local CPA discussion group on 30th March. Following the meeting she met with Sheilana Prosper, CPA and Principal of Grow & Prosper, to further explore the key points raised by the guest speakers, David Clancy & Travis Pereira of the Office of the Inspector General of Taxation. In December 2020, the Inspector-General […]

Genene recently caught up with Chris Cordwell of Finstead Capital to discuss finance for professional services businesses. Chris said Finstead had taken a direct approach to help Australian businesses achieve financial wellbeing. To ensure that lending is appropriate and sustainable, they guide clients through all lending-related business decisions and planning. That way, debt is creating […]

Announced this week, the concessional and non-concessional contribution rates for the next financial year have now risen. From 1 July 2021, Concessional contribution limits will rise to $27,500 and Non-concessional to $110,000 (4 times the concessional rate). Importantly No other contribution caps have changed as a consequence of this change. Where there are remaining portions of the […]

It’s tax planning season, starting in March 2021. The end of the financial year will roll around quickly. There is time to get your tax in order, the key is to start early and ensure you meet deadlines. We’ve put together the best strategies for your end of financial year tax planning, whether you’re a […]

A great relationship, a newborn son, and a successful career as an actor. In 2008, Matthew McConaughey was feeling pretty good about his life in California. Then an unexpected family health emergency took him back to his home state of Texas. Of all places, McConaughey and his young family ended up renting a home in […]