05Aug 2020

As the virus drags on, economies start to look bleak. Investors who rode the markets down to the depths of March and back out again, start to think… ‘None of this makes sense, surely the market is going down again.’ News lately hasn’t been positive. Wave two condemns Victorians to house arrest, and a seemingly […]

30Jul 2020

One of the most well-known psychological studies ever done is the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment from the 1970’s. You’ve likely heard of it, know a variation of it, or have watched an interpretation of it somewhere in the media. Testing out the will power of small children or dogs can be entertaining. Dogs being tempted with […]

23Jul 2020

Fees. Charges. Costs. How much should someone charge for a service? Whatever the terminology used, the psychology around charging for a service is fascinating. Some service providers can charge without question. High costs from engaging certain service providers have become customary. A small service can take a large financial bite. A fact of life and […]

22Jul 2020

Katherine Hawes – Legal Genene recently caught up with Katherine at a networking event, where she was speaking about some legal missteps some clients had made in the COVID-19 times. Naturally, Genene asked Katherine to share her insights in an article. Yes, COVID 19 has had significant impacts on all our businesses. Yes, small businesses […]

21Jul 2020

Many people I speak with are unclear about when their contributions are counted against their superannuation contribution caps. Employees often believe it’s when the amount shows on their payslip. Business owners may think it’s when the accrued contribution is in the books or when the money leaves the business bank account.   What are the […]