15Oct 2020

As to be expected, the ongoing and dominant economic and market theme remains COVID-19. More so than ever, with COVID present no quarter will be quite like the previous. While Q1 was one of steep decline and pain, Q2 was sharp recovery and euphoria, while in Q3 markets took a slightly more subdued, albeit positive […]

15Oct 2020

A good financial adviser will remind you of what you know, help you to understand what you don’t know and walk you off the ledge when you feel like jumping. Nobody will deny it’s been a turbulent year. As we put the franking credit debate behind us, coronavirus struck and the share market plunged 37 […]

12Oct 2020

Genene recently sat down for a coffee with Sheilana Prosper who is the Founder of Grow and Prosper a CPA Public Practice, offering Virtual CFO services. Sheilana is a 20-year veteran of business and helps her clients transform their businesses, making them resilient to withstand whatever the 21st century brings. Here are Sheilana’s thoughts and […]

07Oct 2020

The delayed and momentous 2020 Federal budget has been handed down. It contains some amazing figures. The normally fiscally conscious Liberal Nationals have turned spendthrifts in a bid to lift the country out of the COVID-19 induced recession. It wouldn’t be a budget without heroic assumptions and the biggest in this budget is the assumption […]

15Sep 2020

I am often asked to articulate how I can help clients. In fact, it’s the question I’m answering every time I engage with a prospective or existing client.   So what is the value? It’s often difficult to fully describe what we as an industry does beyond the obvious, and perception is critical. People will […]