07Feb 2019

The findings and recommendations from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry have been delivered. Commissioner Kenneth Hayne made 76 recommendations and the early noises from both sides of politics were 75 of those recommendations will be implemented. Whether this is true or not, is another matter entirely. Along […]

04Feb 2019

For 10 years I have been critical of the “sales” approach to financial advice. I am grateful for the time I’ve taken to learn my craft from “service” oriented advisers, they paid me to learn, and always focusing on quality advice in my clients best interest makes me proud. Hopeful the sun sets today on […]

31Jan 2019

Are you in business? Feeling at risk already that you won’t achieve what you want this year? Slow things down and figure it out, get some coaching and get clear on what you want and who you serve; and most importantly don’t neglect other areas of life… You must also spend time on being happy […]