GameStop. Hedge Funds. Wall Street Bets. Robinhood. What is going on? You can read about the story pretty much anywhere at the moment, so we’ll briefly run through it and then take a look at a few other areas we think are important and unlikely to see as much attention. A group of people on […]

Economic Overview 2020 will be a year of note in the history books. The problems started pre Q1 when spring 2019 bushfires seemed to rage endlessly in parts of Australia, extending into Q1 and contributing to one of the country’s worst bushfire seasons on record. Hot on the heels of the bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Self-care is crucial in life generally and business. It’s the intersection between a bright happy future and struggle, in my humble opinion. We know people like to get into the garden at this time of year when the weather is balmy. It’s a lovely self-care activity. Sometimes we don’t like to admit it, but we […]

The holidays are upon us, for those of us taking a break here are some holiday reading ideas. Fifteen Years of book club books: Sydney Writer’s Festival Summer Reading List 2020: The 2020 Smart WFM Business Book Awards:   Enjoy!

People often ask me “How can this happen?” The Dover Heights Ponzi Scheme would never have got off the ground if the now victims have taken some simple steps to protect themselves, before investing. It’s easy for people to check the credentials of any adviser. You should always take advice from properly licensed financial advisers, […]