Inflation is here. While it took some time to fully show up in the official figures and be acknowledged by learned economic scholars, us mere mortals who engage with increasing prices throughout the economy on a day-to-day basis long knew something was up. Whether it be the price of a supermarket sausage increasing 20%, thousands […]

What’s the word investors love to hear more than any other? It’s “safe”. Safe is soothing, it implies someone’s looking out for you. That someone cares about your hard-earned money, as if they were there to see the sweat dripping off your brow while you earned every cent of it. They understand what it means […]

The aged care system in Australia has been under scrutiny in recent years. While the focus has been on harrowing stories from inside the system, which hopefully will be addressed, very few people are aware of the often-complex entry process faced by seniors and their families. Here the old principle of “you don’t know what […]

Uncertainty is the word of the moment. Many concerning events and issues continue to simmer in the background of life. Elections. Inflation. Interest rates. Ukraine and Russia. China and many countries. High energy prices. Ongoing Covid cases. Monkeypox. High debt levels. It goes on, but these are all knowns. Uncertainty is unknowns. The things you […]

Encountering people at every stage of life we see all levels of financial knowledge. Sometimes it’s people who might be capable of handling their financial affairs, but they can’t be bothered and are disinterested. They would rather delegate because their lack of interest may lead to making mistakes. Other times, it’s people who are unsure […]