Map Your Brand – Kirsten Flavell


I met Kirsten when she did a presentation at a womens networking event. I loved her idea of Map Your Brand and connected with her story. That prompted me to buy into the programme and book in for a Let’s Talk About Images Consultation. As Kirsten and I explored developing my business brand together on the call, I realised that she had valuable insight and lessons she could share with my community. This is where we decided to Collaborate!

Kirsten is an entrepreneur, having owned and successfully run a number of businesses over the years. She is committed to learning and growth, and helping people revisit, realign, or design from scratch a lifestyle centred business and realise their dreams.

This is such a good fit with my community of woman seeking out financial independence and personal growth.

You can chat with Kirsten on how Map Your Brand can help communicate your business personality and style. Get started here or book in for a call here!