Late 2019 I decided to run a series of workshops called ‘Aspire to Thrive in 2020’. Everything was set and ready for launch on 28th March.

Little did any of us know what would transpire, how the world would change, how our businesses would change and how we would change.

It seems to me that there have been two speeds this year. One moving forward rapidly, pivoting, businesses and people thriving. The other reversing rapidly, shutting down, businesses and people in survival mode.

It’s normal in times of rapid change to feel uncertain, anxious. And by all accounts, there has been a massive increase in anxiety and depression globally this year.

Our wellbeing is vitally important. Put your own life vest on first, but then look to those around you that you can assist.

Particularly in business, look at your front-line workers, they are putting other people first every day. So, it’s important to know if they are thriving or just surviving.

A biz GF told me about The Colorado Healthcare Ethics Group. The group has some helpful information and resources available. Have a look at “The Stress Continuum”, and stress reduction strategies under “Coping with Stress, Burnout, and Trauma”. a useful resource at any time.


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