Self-care is crucial in life generally and business. It’s the intersection between a bright happy future and struggle, in my humble opinion.

We know people like to get into the garden at this time of year when the weather is balmy. It’s a lovely self-care activity. Sometimes we don’t like to admit it, but we may not be as nimble as we once were and the quicker we come to accept our limitations, the safer we’ll be.

We raise this because we help clients with their insurance.

We’ve recently been assisting a new client with an insurance claim, he has developed a lung issue as a result of his work as a landscape designer. Mulch can be a threat to gardeners, as inhaling dust from contaminated matter affects the lungs, can cause pneumonia, with the over-50s, smokers, gardeners and those with a weakened immune system is more susceptible to the bacteria borne in the mulch.

The good news for our client is that we have been able to negotiate a claim payment of c. $40,000 more than he would have otherwise achieved if he had managed it himself.

Another client decided to pull out the ladder and clean the gutters and tidy the trees. On this occasion, our client took a tumble. Thankfully dented pride and broken limbs will heal with time and surgery. Again we are assisting with an insurance claim. Apart from the injuries, the 6-8 weeks out of the business may be painful but after a brief waiting-period, the money from the claim will flow through to support lost income and most importantly the family. Seventy-five percent of pre-disability income will go a long way to ease our clients’ recovery.

As advocates of insurance, we’re glad these clients were covered, but we wish we didn’t have to! Much better to be self-aware and exercise self-care. We understand there may be a temptation to clean gutters, mulch or trim trees, but maybe just wait, be safe, and hire the professionals to do it.

Dare we say, much like your portfolio!

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