People often ask me “How can this happen?”

The Dover Heights Ponzi Scheme would never have got off the ground if the now victims have taken some simple steps to protect themselves, before investing.

It’s easy for people to check the credentials of any adviser. You should always take advice from properly licensed financial advisers, such as myself, and those on the ASIC Financial Advisers Register, available here:

You can also find a trusted adviser and confirm with professional associations such as CPA Australia []

and the Financial Planning Association of Australia [].

It pains me that the media continue to refer to the person who orchestrated the Dover Heights Ponzi Scheme as a financial advisor. By all accounts, she was unlicensed, unlawfully sold investment products and is a criminal (yet to be proven in a court of law!).

It does little for my profession and the financial advice industry what was done by this woman and leaves out the essential details of how individuals can protect themselves and their families.

Please, if you are seeking to engage with a financial adviser, do your due diligence. Should you have family and friends looking for an adviser, please refer them to us, if we can’t help them we can certainly put them in touch with a properly qualified and licenced adviser that can.

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