On 7 June 2021 the ACCC released to the media “Scammers capitalise on pandemic as Australians lose record $851 million to scams”. According to the ACCC’s latest Targeting Scams report scammers have capitalised on the pandemic and have taken advantage of unsuspecting people.

The ACCC says it has seen reports of scammers impersonating reputable wealth management firms after a man was scammed out of $200,000 by a person pretending to be a JP Morgan adviser. And, it’s not the first case they have seen of that kind on their Scamwatch website.

Dating Apps have provided another opportunity for romance scammers, convincing the unsuspecting target to invest.

The ACCC shared on their website tips on how people can best protect themselves from scammers:

ACCC Protecting Yourself from Scams





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