Silly season might mean that you blow your budget and live outside your mean$……
Costs for having a bit of fun at this time of year can add up quickly, entertaining, eating out, drinks, gifts, outfits, uber, to name a few.
A girl’s gotta live!! But, how do you manage the costs and stay on track?

Here are my top tips:

Have a fun money account

Start saving early so you don’t overlook paying for essentials or smash your credit card at this time of year; and suffer buyers remorse well into 2019. Plan out your spending and regularly put away a few dollars to cover your planned expenses. That way you won’t feel pressured to overstretch yourself.

Shop smart and start early

Because you have the benefit of time, you don’t have to race off to the shops last minute and buy the most expensive “thing” left on the shelf.
> Check out online and discount stores and do price comparisons for the must have items.
> Keep an eye on adverts, emails and use discount codes or sales where available.
> Pool your money with family or friends for larger gift purchases or to share party costs. OR, agree on a gift price limit or ballot gift exchange.
> Consider hiring items. My niece hires beautiful designer label outfits at a fraction of the cost.
> If you are crafty or environmentally conscious, consider making or repurposing items.
> Plan your travel, consider share rides and avoiding peak times.

Do have fun but avoid overindulging

You’ll feel better if you look after yourself, not just your money. Make sure you get enough sleep, keep up your exercise routine, and manage your diet and alcohol consumption. It’ll help you to keep making good choices!

And finally, take pause to ask yourself if you’re being sensible

With your spending and lifestyle. We all have so much “stuff” do we really need more? Poor lifestyle can hit you in the hip pocket and slippery slopes!
It will save you a lot of anxiety in the long run if you listen to your voice of reason, put away your planned savings, pay for your living expenses and other essentials, then fund your dream lifestyle.
This represents general information only. Before making any financial or investment decisions, we recommend you consult a financial planner to take into account your personal investment objectives, financial situation and individual needs.

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