By Brigitta Nadya.

A one-word media darling that has replaced our weather talk over Zoom meetings from your living room. It’s always the topic ready on everyone’s tongue, discussing the facts and figures of the day.

The consistency of the topic provides almost a sense of comfort that everyone has been clinging to while trying to readjust and go through our days like nothing has changed. As the world has started processing what a post-pandemic world looks like, people are getting used to the idea of a new normal and how to re-establish their lives.

Although the world has felt the blanket devastation of loss, it’s interesting to see how a two-speed economy theory has emerged; where one sector of the world has grown at a rapid rate and simultaneously has hidden the slow growth or loss from the other sector.

With the overload in media coverage of how the virus has turned the world upside down, you would have read about how the online space and technology giants have prospered side by side to how the hospitality and travel industry lost everything almost overnight.

As we approach the holiday season which coincides with the easing of restrictions, in true end of year fashion, everyone wants to let go and start and practising the violin with their credit cards. Online shopping will always have a place in everyone’s heart, however, more people are revenge-spending to make up for lost time, particularly to foster a  social environment with people after being squandered away at their own homes for so long.

If there is a lesson to be taken from this challenging year, it has shown us that anything can happen to us. No one would have seen this coming and could have predicted the effects on themselves, let alone the world.

Remember that although you may have come out of this unscathed or possibly triumphant, it cannot be said the same for most other people. This virus has brought a sense of unity and compassion that might never be replicated at a global scale. Keep holding onto that and do not hesitate to hold out a helping hand to your friends and your family.

On the other side of it, if this virus has thrown your life off-course, a new year is coming. No one is expecting you to Keep Up with the Jones’ this year. This is the one year where people can pull out a one-worded excuse and all is forgiven. Do not let this year define what you are capable of and remember that this is merely a small blip on your journey. We will come out on the other side.

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