Governance & Transparency

We’re constantly reminded by the media about investors who’ve lost their life savings in complex, dubious or untested investment schemes, and then there are those who were the victims of outright fraud. Investors often find themselves in these situations because they were not fully informed about risk and reward.

A higher return is only possible with a higher level of risk and there is no such thing as a guaranteed return. When an investor understands these points, they can understand what is possible and what isn’t.

At Finesse we counsel clients to understand why their investments are structured the way they are and the potential risks and rewards of any investment plan. Furthermore, we offer a completely transparent and secure relationship.

We operate on a fee for service basis where clients’ interests come first.

We provide a written statement of any investment strategy that will be developed in accordance with your risk profile.

We provide a written statement of any financial plan with recommendations developed in accordance with your personal circumstances and lifestyle goals.

Advisors are consistently studied on the most up-to-date financial & legislative research and educational programs.

Advisors who provide advice relating to financial planning and investments are qualified and licensed to FYG Planners Pty Ltd, an Australian Financial Services Licensee and Australian Credit Licensee.

We have no financial interest in any firms that we use to structure your investments and receive no commissions or third-party payments.

Reliable portfolio administration services are non-negotiable.

We only use portfolio administration services offered by Australia’s leading banks or their subsidiaries. All have the financial resources necessary to meet the challenges of doing business in an ever-changing legislative, digital and market environment. Each portfolio administration platform has a demonstrated strong record of service and capability.

Independent Custodians

Each portfolio administration platform engages an independent custodian to hold client investment assets. This separation of record-keeping and assets holding provides valuable protection for client assets. The administrator does not actually hold the client’s funds. They merely keep records.

Secure Capital Transfers

All client deposits and withdrawals are made according to very strict protocols.

Client deposit funds may only be transferred by “not negotiable” cheque or direct deposit to the bank of the investment administration platform recommended.

Client deposit funds may not be banked into the account of any adviser or AFSL. No business operates a trust account and does not accept any investment funds in cash from any clients.

Client withdrawals may only be paid to the client’s nominated bank account. Client withdrawal instructions may only be accepted in writing or by email after they have been confirmed verbally by the client’s adviser. This stance is taken to minimise the risk of cyber fraud.

If written instructions are received with altered bank details, these requests will not be met. The client’s adviser and the client will need to speak directly prior to the withdrawal processing.