Planning for the future includes planning for the legacy you leave behind. Good estate planning doesn’t leave room for chance, it ensures your wishes are carried out and maintains clarity for your loved ones in a time of loss.

A well planned estate will minimise taxes, while maximising returns to your desired beneficiaries. Your planning choice will ensure a legacy of competence, control and distribution of assets in a timely manner. Our estate planning services gives peace of mind your affairs are managed effectively.

Our estate planning services involve:
  • Identifying estate goals and objectives
  • Identifying your preferred/most competent executor
  • Helping understand your likely estate taxes
  • Reviewing existing wills, powers of attorney, guardianship and advanced medical care directives
  • Liaising with your preferred solicitor or trustee company to have your estate plan professionally drafted by an attorney
  • Reviewing the drafts to ensure appropriateness
  • Checking the completed documents

Whilst it’s nice to pass down money, it’s the values, lessons, and stories that have heart and meaning and that are the things that live through generations if properly passed on. We encourage our clients to record their stories and open a dialog with the younger generations. The most successful stewards of wealth are those that have been properly prepared to lead the family into the future.