Self Managed Super

Are you thinking about a self managed super fund or SMSF? We can help, we have the answers to your SMSF questions and can provide the appropriate SMSF solution tailored to you.

  1. What is an SMSF?

    An SMSF is a self managed super fund, which allows you to manage your own retirement savings.

    Things to consider

    Do you have enough time, knowledge and skills to manage your own super and meet your legal and other obligations.

    Do you need the additional benefits an SMSF can provide?

    Do you have enough super to make an SMSF cost-effective?

  2. What are the potential benefits?

    More investment control

    More investment choice

    One fund for the family

    Ability to borrow to make larger investments

    Potential tax savings

    Greater estate planning certainty and flexibility

  3. Steps to starting an SMSF

    Choose a trustee structure

    Obtain a trust deed

    Sign trustee declarations

    Register with the ATO

    Open a bank account

    Record members’ TFNs

    Prepare an investment strategy

  4. How can Finesse help?

    We can offer guidance and help if you need it.

    Is an SMSF right for you or your family?

    Getting the set-up right.

    Ensuring compliance with investment, insurance and ongoing obligations.

    Making the most of your SMSF.

    Understanding alternative investments.

    Retirement Planning.

    Estate planning considerations.

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